How to Start a Food Business in San Francisco: An Orientation to La Cocina

This workshop is designed to walk you through how to start a food business in San Francisco, in addition to talking about what we do at La Cocina and our Incubator Program. You will receive a packet of information 1-week prior to the orientation with a template business plan and a resource guide to help you get started.  We strongly recommend you review these documents prior to attending the workshop.

The orientation workshop is the first step in the application process for La Cocina.  Once you have attended, and think you are a fit for our program, we encourage you to sign-up for Office Hours.  These are optional but a great way to talk with a La Cocina staff member about your business idea or even review the materials you already have to get feedback in order to better prepare for the application.  The final step in applying is to turn in your application, which you can download here.  In addition to the application form itself we require the following documents be included:

  • completed business plan including financials (you can use the template you got from the orientation workshop or work with one of the many business development agency’s in the area)
  • your resume
  • two letters of recommendation for the program
  • proof of your current income.
  • La Cocina application

Attend the Orientation Workshop – How to Start a Food Business in San Francisco

Click here to sign up!

Wednesday from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at La Cocina. 2016 dates below:

March 2
May 4
July 6
Sept 7
Nov 2
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