Aedan Fermented Foods


Owner: Mariko Grady



Phone: (415) 260-9435


Twitter: @AedanFermented

Where to Find Us: Saturday Ferry Building Farmers Market.  Aedan products are also available for order through in the San Francisco Bay Area.

About Aedan Fermented Foods: We are thrilled to introduce Mariko of Aedan Fermented Foods.  A former professional theater performer for 30 years, her professional experience led her to focus on listening the natural voice of her body & mind. Throughout years of an extremely physically demanding international tour schedule and vigorous stage productions, she credited the gift of Japanese diet in ensuring her excellent health and high energy needed for this performance lifestyle.

In 2011 after the devastating Tsunami struck Japan, Mariko sold her natural fermented products to friends to fundraise for Japanese victims. The popularity of Mariko’s delicious fermented foods spread quickly by word-of-mouth in Japanese mother’s and friends community. After this fundraising, Mariko started to write Aedan’s weekly newsletters to share fermented foods and her knowledge on variety of happy healthy life. In May 2012, Mariko joined the incubator kitchen program at La Cocina in San Francisco and since then has worked to develop her Aedan fermented food product line.

Right now, she’s making shio-koji, home made sake (Japanese moonshine really), pickles and any number of creations with shio-koji.  We recommend her chicken yakitori and egg salad topped with arugula.
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