Bug Appétit: San Francisco’s Pre-Hispanic Snackeria

PRI's The World November 2, 2011 — It’s a few hours before a large dinner at a center for the arts near San Francisco. Chefs are chopping zucchini and beating eggs. And at her station, Monica Martínez opens a FedEx box, overnighted and stuffed with 1,000 of her favorite ingredient: crickets. “It’s really tricky because as soon as you open the box, they start jumping all over. Ah, they’re fast!” Martínez said. It’s these bugs that Martínez, a 36-year-old artist and chef from Mexico City, hopes will convince people to consider insects a viable food source, instead of something gross. Tonight’s dinner will also test Martínez’s new experiment she’ll debut in San Francisco, called Don Bugito. Don Bugito, Martínez explained, is a street food cart project based on edible insects and pre-Hispanic Mexican cuisine. Listen to the story.

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