Don Bugito, Prehispanic Snackeria

Owner: Monica Martinez


Email: or

Phone: (415) 370-8292

Facebook: Don Bugito

Twitter: @donbugitosf 

Catering: Yes! Click here to learn more about the catering program of La Cocina.

About Don Bugito: Don Bugito, based in San Francisco and born at La Cocina, is a food company that offers tasty edible insects prepared as gourmet foods and treats. Monica Martinez was inspired by pre-hispanic and contemporary Mexican cuisine, specifically by the “bugs” she snacked on as a child. This cuisine has been consumed by people in Mexico and within cultures throughout the world for thousands of years. Don Bugito is thrilled to be able to share new versions of these classic foods with an American audience as well as support a healthier world by providing a sustainable, ecological food.

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