Eji’s Ethiopian

Owner: Eji Atlaw

Website: ejisethiopian.com

Email: ejiskitchen@gmail.com

Phone: (408) 806-1801

Facebook: facebook.com/ejiskitchen

Twitter: @EjisKitchen

Where to Find Us:  331 Cortland St., San Francisco

About Eji’s: Growing up in the bustling, Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, Eji Atlaw spent much of her childhood in the kitchen with her four sisters and mother, learning to make homemade Ethiopian dishes. Food has always been a passion for Eji, and one that stuck with her as she built a new life in the United States. Eji decided to pursue what she loves, and join La Cocina to begin working on plans to start her own vegan Ethiopian business. Eji’s launched at the 2011 San Francisco Street Food Festival, and since then Eji has been working as a caterer and developing a line of sauces that showcase Ethiopian flavors, spices and local ingredients. You can purchase her hot lunches through her Good Eggs site here.

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