Endless Summer Sweets

Owner: Antoinette Sanchez

Website: endlesssummersweets.com

Email: info@endlesssummersweets.com

Phone: (415) 286-4687

Facebook: facebook.com/EndlessSummerSweets

Twitter: @ESSweets

Where to Find Us: Locations

About Endless Summer Sweets: There is finally a place that can take you back without really going there, Endless Summer Sweets prepares made to order gold old fashioned carnival treats. Let yourself be swept away as you indulge in these favorite nostalgic classics!

Endless Summer Sweets exists to revive the kid in you, bringing back memories of attending neighborhood fairs with family and friends. We commit to using local ingredients whenever possible and offer fun and unique seasonal toppings including: local strawberries and freshly whipped cream, cinnamon baked apples and caramel, fresh blackberries and powdered sugar.

Endless Summer Sweet’s delicious funnel cakes can be found on Saturdays and Sundays at the Berkeley Flea Market.

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