Every year, our conference brings together 250 of the nation’s food industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs to speak, workshop and debate the realities of building successful food businesses and to examine how food business owners can be activists for change in their communities.

Early-bird tickets on sale now.

This year’s conference kicks off on Sunday, November 13th with a full day of conversations, workshops and food at The Village on Market Street. Monday, November 14th we’ll be hosting guided walking tours (with plenty of eats!) to experience food entrepreneurship on the ground.

Our conference is designed with the fundamental belief that ideas, dialogue, and the type of market places they generate, are more powerful when considered from multiple viewpoints. In an effort to build a food economy that is reflective of the values of the San Francisco Bay Area—diverse, inclusive and innovative—we created this conference six years ago in the hopes that, if carefully considered, we can revolutionize the way we produce, eat and think about food.

We’re working away on putting together a wonderful program to feed your intellectual hunger; check out our conference website for more information.