Hangover Water

Owner: Alejandra Garcia

Website: http://hangoverwatersf.com/

Email: hangoverwater@gmail.com

Phone: (415) 933-2963

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hangoverwater

Twitter: http://twitter.com/hangoverwater

About Hangover Water:

Lucky for all you partiers out there, former chemical engineer from Colombia Alejandra Catalina Garcia is now mixing up her own miracle hangover cure at La Cocina! A highly productive entrepreneur, Alejandra moved to the Bay Area two years ago where she has quickly developed her own jewelry business and also enrolled in cosmetology school.

Most recently Alejandra founded HangOver Water to help the 35% of San Franciscans who wake up with a hangover every morning get their party on. She combines probiotic cultures with fructose and other secret ingredients to make the hangover cure that her friends have already started begging her for! Get ready for round two, with a little HangOver Water before and after the party, you can go all night!

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