La Cocina cultivates food entrepreneurs in San Francisco

April 30, 2012 — An alluring aroma greets anyone who enters La Cocina. A mix of Mexican, Caribbean and Malaysian foods, it’s a scent that is difficult to ignore.

Inside the small discreet building located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district, a group of women entrepreneurs are hard at work amidst a sea of oversized pots and pans.

Their hands work long hours to create the foods that drive their businesses—tamales, pupusas, Malaysian coconut jam, and crepes. The foods fuse together to create this aroma that can be smelled from blocks away, an aroma that tells each of their stories.

La Cocina (“the kitchen”) has been around for only six years, yet it has made a significant impact on San Francisco’s immigrant community, particularly on the women entrepreneurs that form part of the organization. For many of these women, La Cocina has been a game-changer. Read More.

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