Mexican Sunday Suppers at Heart

SF Chronicle LogoJune 30, 2011 — La Cocina has been helping mostly immigrant women start up businesses since 2005, so it’s little wonder that when my blog about the paltry helping of good Mexican food in the Bay Area appeared last week, I heard from executive director Caleb Zigas. He wrote that I needed to taste the food Isabel Caudillo of El Buen Comer produces at Heart Wine Bar every Sunday night

She’s only been there for about month, but my visit this week shows that it’s already a success. If I had to guess when the word gets out there will be a much-deserved line to sit in the wine bar and enjoy her Sunday Suppers. Her food is available at the Noe Valley farmers’ market, but the great thing about the once a week venue is that the Heart staff is there to provide the wine and offer pairing suggestions; they even give recommendations with each dish. Read more.

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