Owner: Christine Doerr




Twitter: @christinedoerr

About NEOCOCOA: While wondering what she’d be when she grew up, Christine Doerr found herself watching a lot of Julia Child. It was the late 1980s, and cooking shows were becoming popular. One day, Christine announced, “I think I’ll be a chef!” and promptly moved to San Francisco to attend the California Culinary Academy; After being turned off by a butchery class, she decided she liked sugar and flour more than raw meat, and her career as a pastry chef began!

Christine perfected her craft as a pastry chef during her more than 10 years of working in multiple establishments in the San Francisco Bay Area such as Palo Alto Baking Company, Draeger’s Market and Flea St. Café. She wanted to open her own business. “Wouldn’t chocolate truffles be yummy?” she asked herself. Rather, she stuffed her back pockets full of culinary knowledge and experience, and went back to school to study graphic design. But soon, her long-held dream of creating chocolate truffles using fresh, local, organic ingredients once again came knocking at the door. This time, Christine answered, and Neo Cocoa was born.

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