Owners: Koji Kanematsu

Website:  onigilly.com

Email: info@onigilly.com

Phone:  (415) 671-4706

Facebook: facebook.com/onigilly

Twitter: @Onigilly

Catering: Yes! Click here to learn more about the catering program of La Cocina.

Where to Find Us: Locations

About Onigilly: Onigilly [Oh-Knee-Ghee-Lee] serves onigiri a traditional Japanese food made with brown rice and gourmet filling wrapped with seaweed. When owner Koji Kanematsu came to the US, he notices that there were sushi restaurants everywhere, but couldn’t understand why his favorite Japanese snack was nowhere to be found. So he thought: Why don’t we open an “onigiri” business and spread this delicious, healthy and handy snack in the United States? And in 2009, that’s exactly what they did! You can try Onigilly from their cart at the Civic Center Farmer’s Market  and various other locations, as well as at your next office party. In 2012, Onigilly made the next leap forward and opened their own brick-and-mortar space in the Financial District at 343 Kearny Street.

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