Our Graduated Businesses



Owner: Azalina Eusope Website: http://www.azalinas.com Email: azalina@azalinas.com Phone: (415) 407-2038 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Azalinamalaysia Twitter: http://twitter.com/azalinamalaysia Where to Find Us: Locations About Azalina’s: Azalina is a fifth generation street vendor from Malaysia. She grew up in a spice-rooted family immersed in street food culture. After moving to the United States and starting a family, she began cooking for friends […]

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Owner: Claire Keane Website: clairesquares.com Email: claire@clairesquares.com Phone: (415) 722-2080 Facebook: facebook.com/Clairesquares Twitter: @clairesquares Where to Find Us: Locations About Clairesquares: Although Clairesquares officially opened for business in 2006, Claire has been making her delectable treats since she was a child growing up in County Cork, Ireland. By the age of 12, she was baking from her mother’s […]

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El Huarache Loco

Owner: Veronica Salazar Website: huaracheloco.com Email: info@huaracheloco.com Phone: (415) 572-6832 Facebook: facebook.com/ElHuaracheLoco Twitter: @elhuaracheloco Catering: Yes! Click here to learn more about the catering program of La Cocina. Locations: Alemany farmer’s Market, Marin Farmers Market, and EL HUARACHE LOCO RESTAURANT AT MARIN COUNTRY MART EVERY DAY FROM 8-6PM! About El Huarache Loco: Veronica Salazar was born in the neighborhood […]

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Endless Summer Sweets

Owner: Antoinette Sanchez Website: endlesssummersweets.com Email: info@endlesssummersweets.com Phone: (415) 286-4687 Facebook: facebook.com/EndlessSummerSweets Twitter: @ESSweets Where to Find Us: Locations About Endless Summer Sweets: There is finally a place that can take you back without really going there, Endless Summer Sweets prepares made to order gold old fashioned carnival treats. Let yourself be swept away as you indulge in these favorite nostalgic […]

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Global Soul

Owners: Christina Aviles and Jessica Phadungsilp Website: globalsoultruck.com Email: streeteats@globalsoultruck.com Phone: (323) 874-2134 Facebook: facebook.com/globalsoulstreeteats Twitter:  @GlobalSoulTruck About Global Soul: Global Soul was born out of owners Christina and Jessica’s heritage and their love of travel – they grew up eating Nicaraguan and Cuban and Thai food (respectively) and both love to travel and eat like locals whenever they […]

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Inticing Creations

Owner: Kelly Zubal   Website: inticingcreations.com Email: Kelly@inticingcreations.com Phone: (415) 205-9422 Facebook: facebook.com/InticingCreations About Inticing Creations: Inticing Creations creates custom designed wedding and celebration cakes. Owner and cake designer, Kelly Zubal, will work with you to design a cake that will taste amazing, serve as a party centerpiece for your event, and highlight your special day. Delicious and unique […]

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Kika’s Treats

Kika’s Treats is a Graduate of La Cocina’s Business Incubator Program! Owner: Cristina Besher   Website: kikastreats.com Email: info@kikastreats.com Facebook: facebook.com/Kikastreats Twitter: @kikastreats About Kika’s Treats: Kika’s Treats is a small artisan company that handcrafts chocolate-covered organic baked goods in San Francisco, California. Its premise (and compromise) is to use only the best LOCAL and ORGANIC ingredients, which are […]

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La Luna Cupcakes

  Owner: Elvia Buendia Website: lalunacupcakes.com Email: lalunacupcakes@gmail.com Phone: (510) 904-2864 Facebook: facebook.com/lalunacupcakes Twitter: @LunaCupcakes Where to Find Us: Crocker Galleria at 50 Post St. Level 1. Store #10 Catering: Yes! Click here to learn more about the catering program of La Cocina. About La Luna Cupcakes: Ever since Elvia was a young girl, she became excited when she […]

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Los Cilantros Logo2

Los Cilantros

Owner: Dilsa Lugo   Website: loscilantroscatering.com Email: loscilantrossf@yahoo.com Phone: (510) 230-7350 Facebook: facebook.com/LosCilantrosSF Twitter: @LosCilantros Where to Find Us: Los Cilantros is  now open at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley! Catering: Yes! Click here to learn more about the catering program of La Cocina. About Los Cilantros: Dilsa comes from Cuernavaca, Morelos, and has been deeply involved with food since she was a girl. […]

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Owner: Christine Doerr Website: neococoa.com Email: christine@neococoa.com Facebook: facebook.com/neococoa Twitter: @christinedoerr About NEOCOCOA: While wondering what she’d be when she grew up, Christine Doerr found herself watching a lot of Julia Child. It was the late 1980s, and cooking shows were becoming popular. One day, Christine announced, “I think I’ll be a chef!” and promptly moved to San Francisco […]

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Owners: Koji Kanematsu Website:  onigilly.com Email: info@onigilly.com Phone:  (415) 671-4706 Facebook: facebook.com/onigilly Twitter: @Onigilly Catering: Yes! Click here to learn more about the catering program of La Cocina. Where to Find Us: Locations About Onigilly: Onigilly [Oh-Knee-Ghee-Lee] serves onigiri a traditional Japanese food made with brown rice and gourmet filling wrapped with seaweed. When owner Koji Kanematsu came to the US, he notices that […]

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Peas of Mind

Peas of Mind

Owner: Jill Website: peasofmind.com Email: jill@peasofmind.com Phone: (415) 504-2556 Facebook: facebook.com/PeasofMind Twitter: @peasofmind Where to Find Us: Locations About Peas of Mind: Peas of Mind is a healthy frozen food company for growing kids who got their start at La Cocina as our first program participant and our first graduate. They take an innovative approach to incorporating veggies into their products […]

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Sabores del Sur

Owner: Guisell Osorio Website: saboresdelsursf.com Email: chef@saborsur.com Phone: (510) 406-4980 Facebook: facebook.com/SaboresDelSurSF Twitter: @SaboresDelSurSF Where to Find Us: Locations Catering: Yes! Click here to learn more about the catering program of La Cocina. About Sabores del Sur: Sabores del Sur (“Flavors from the South”) is the Bay Area’s premier South American catering company. Chef—owned and operated, Sabores del Sur uses only the freshest ingredients […]

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Owner: Morsinah Katimin Website: sajenjamu.com Email: sajen.jamu@gmail.com Phone: (415) 264-1835 Where to Find Us: Locations Facebook & Twitter: coming soon! About Sajen: When Morsinah Katimin started Sajen she wanted to share jamu, an Indonesian drink known for easing physical aches and pains and achieving overall wellness. Making jamu has been a long-time tradition in Morsina’s family. At Sajen we use our […]

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Shi Gourmet

Shi Gourmet tofu spring rolls are sold at Whole Foods Markets throughout the Bay Area and her tofu is sold at Rainbow Grocery.

Phone: (415) 717-5163

Email: shisuisun@sbcglobal.net

Locations: Whole Foods Markets in the Bay Area and Rainbow Grocery.

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Zella’s Soulful Kitchen

Owner: Dionne Knox Website: zellassoulfulkitchen.com Email: catering@zellassoulfulkitchen.com Phone: (510) 532-6652 Facebook: facebook.com/Zellassoulfulkitchen Twitter: @zellakitchen Where to Find Us: Whole Foods – Noe Valley Catering: Yes! Click here to learn more about the catering program of La Cocina. About Zella’s Soulful Kitchen: It’s said that when you’re born you come into the world knowing exactly what you’re supposed to do with your life. Due to numerous […]

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