Our Graduated Businesses

claire logo


claire logo

Owner: Claire Keane

Website: http://www.clairesquares.com

Email: claire@clairesquares.com

Phone: (415) 722-2080

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Clairesquares

Twitter: http://twitter.com/clairesquares

Where to Find Us: Locations

About Clairesquares: Although Clairesquares officially opened for business in 2006, Claire has been making her delectable treats since she was a child growing up in County Cork, Ireland. By the age … more

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CMBSweets is a Graduate from La Cocina’s Business Incubation Program!

Owner: Carolina Braunschweig

Website: www.cmbsweets.com

Email: jamgirl@cmbsweets.com

Phone: (415) 337-0846

Twitter: @cmbsweets

About CMBSweets: Start with Northern California’s freshest fruit. Add a dollop of sugar, a squeeze of lemon juice and then crank up the heat. The result? A line … more

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El Huarache Loco

Owner: Veronica Salazar

Website: www.huaracheloco.com

Email: info@huaracheloco.com

Phone: (415) 572-6832

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElHuaracheLoco

Twitter: twitter.com/#!/elhuaracheloco

Catering: Yes! Click here to learn more about the catering program of La Cocina.

Locations: Alemany farmer’s Market, Marin Farmers Market, and EL HUARACHE LOCO RESTAURANT AT MARIN COUNTRY MART EVERY DAY FROM 8-6PM!

About El more

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Endless Summer Sweets

Owner: Antoinette Sanchez

Website: www.endlesssummersweets.com

Facebook: EndlessSummerSweets

Twitter: @ESSweets

Email: info@endlesssummersweets.com

Phone: (415) 286-4687


About Endless Summer Sweets: There is finally a place that can take you back without really going there, Endless Summer Sweets prepares made to order gold old fashioned carnival treats. Let yourself be swept away … more

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Global Soul

Owners: Christina Aviles and Jessica Phadungsilp

Website: www.globalsoultruck.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/globalsoulstreeteats

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/GlobalSoulTruck

Email: streeteats@globalsoultruck.com

Phone: (323) 874-2134

About Global Soul: Global Soul was born out of owners Christina and Jessica’s heritage and their love of travel – they grew up eating Nicaraguan and Cuban and Thai food (respectively) and both … more

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Inticing Creations

Owner: Kelly Zubal


Website: www.inticingcreations.com

Email: Kelly@inticingcreations.com

Phone: (415) 205-9422

Facebook: Visit our Facebook page here

About Inticing Creations: Inticing Creations creates custom designed wedding and celebration cakes. Owner and cake designer, Kelly Zubal, will work with you to design a cake that will taste amazing, serve as a … more

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Kika’s Treats

Kika’s Treats is a Graduate of La Cocina’s Business Incubator Program!

Owner: Cristina Besher


Website: www.kikastreats.com

Facebook: Kikastreats

Twitter: @kikastreats

Email: info@kikastreats.com

About Kika’s Treats: Kika’s Treats is a small artisan company that handcrafts chocolate-covered organic baked goods in San Francisco, California. Its premise (and compromise) is to use … more

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Los Cilantros Logo2

Los Cilantros

Owner: Dilsa Lugo


Website: www.loscilantroscatering.com

Email: loscilantrossf@yahoo.com

Phone: (510) 230-7350

Where to Find Us: Los Cilantros is  now open at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley!

Facebook: Visit our Facebook page here

Twitter: @LosCilantros

Catering: Yes! Click here to learn more about the catering program of La Cocina.

About more

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Owner: Christine Doerr

Website: www.neococoa.com

Facebook: neococoa

Twitter: @christinedoerr

Email: christine@neococoa.com


About NEOCOCOA: While wondering what she’d be when she grew up, Christine Doerr found herself watching a lot of Julia Child. It was the late 1980s, and cooking shows were becoming popular. One day, Christine announced, “I think … more

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Owners: Koji Kanematsu

Website:  www.onigilly.com

Email: info@onigilly.com

Phone:  (415) 671-4706

Facebook: www.facebook.com/onigilly

Twitter: twitter.com/#!/Onigilly

Catering: Yes! Click here to learn more about the catering program of La Cocina.

Where to Find Us: Locations

About Onigilly: Onigilly [Oh-Knee-Ghee-Lee] serves onigiri a traditional Japanese food made with brown rice and gourmet filling … more

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Peas of Mind

Peas of Mind

Owner: Jill

Website: www.peasofmind.com

Facebook: peas of mind

Twitter: @peasofmind

Email: jill@peasofmind.com

Phone: (415) 504-2556


About Peas of Mind: Peas of Mind is a healthy frozen food company for growing kids who got their start at La Cocina as our first program participant and our first graduate. They take … more

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Sabores del Sur

Owner: Guisell Osorio

Website: www.saboresdelsursf.com

Email: chef@saborsur.com

Phone: (510) 406-4980

Facebook: facebook.com/SaboresDelSurSF

Twitter: twitter.com/SaboresDelSurSF

Where to Find Us: Locations

Catering: Yes! Click here to learn more about the catering program of La Cocina.

About Sabores del Sur: Sabores del Sur (“Flavors from the South”) is the Bay Area’s premier South … more

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Shi Gourmet

Shi Gourmet tofu spring rolls are sold at Whole Foods Markets throughout the Bay Area and her tofu is sold at Rainbow Grocery.

Phone: (415) 717-5163

Email: shisuisun@sbcglobal.net

Locations: Whole Foods Markets in the Bay Area and Rainbow Grocery.

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