Peas of Mind

Owner: Jill



Phone: (415) 504-2556


Twitter: @peasofmind

Where to Find Us: Locations

About Peas of Mind: Peas of Mind is a healthy frozen food company for growing kids who got their start at La Cocina as our first program participant and our first graduate. They take an innovative approach to incorporating veggies into their products by reinventing healthy versions of classic dishes.

Their first product line was the Puffet, a handheld meal puffed full of nutrition. Each is made up of the 4 food groups and contain organic ingredients. Kids often take Puffets to school in their lunchbox and they love being a part of their daily lives!

As the company grows, so do their product offerings. Peas of Mind won an innovation award for their Veggie Wedgies which are baked, crispy french fries made from real veggies! Yes, they make a broccoli french fry (a carrot, cauliflower, and apple fry too!) Veggie Wedgies can now be found on school lunch menus, as well as, grocery stores nationwide.

Their newest offering is Peas of Pie, which is pizza made with a veggie crust. Each pizza has a serving and a half of vegetables baked right into the dough. Peas of Mind has grown from one product line to three and are now sold in over 1500 grocery stores nationwide.

Inventing healthy food for kids is what they do, and we are excited to see what they can come up with next!

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