Small Business Development

Here you’ll find a collection of worthwhile small business and marketing blogs to help you learn even more. Browse, read and bookmark your favorites!

Small Busi­ness Blogs

  • Direc­tory of Small Busi­ness Blogs
  • Entre­pre­neur Daily Dose provides small busi­ness information and resources from
  • Inc. provides the latest information, step-by-step how to-guides, and tools to help entrepreneurs successfully start up and run a business.
  • Small Busi­ness Brief provides a daily update of the best small business articles. Their focus is on articles that provide actionable information for small business owners and their employees. In other words, articles that can teach you how to do things. They also love providing profiles of entrepreneurs that inspire and allow you to learn from the successes and failures of other business owners.
  • Small Busi­ness Trends tracks a wide range of inter­na­tional trends and issues reshap­ing small busi­nesses, through news com­men­tary, blog reviews and links to expert arti­cles, inter­views and book summaries.
  • The Small Busi­ness Blog provides how-to advice, analy­sis, and com­men­tary from experts in all areas of business.
  • The Entre­pre­neur­ial Mind is where Jeff Corn­wall, direc­tor of the Cen­ter for Entre­pre­neur­ship at Nashville’s Bel­mont Uni­ver­sity, holds forth on every­thing entre­pre­neur­ial. Posts are con­ve­niently cat­e­go­rized by subject.
  • Church of the Customer Blog, updated a few times a week by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba (authors of Cre­at­ing Cus­tomer Evan­ge­lists), dis­sects both the tri­umphs and mis­cues that big and small com­pa­nies make when deal­ing with their customers–decisions that entre­pre­neurs can learn from.
  • Online MBA Page, a nice checklist of key things to think about and work through when you’re starting your own business.

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Mar­ket­ing and Brand­ing

    • MarketingProfs is a rich and trusted resource that offers actionable know-how to help you market your products and services both smarter and better. Through the MarketingProfs Web site, newsletters, conferences, seminars, forums and so on… they help you navigate your way to market your business and keep you informed of the newest and best tools.
    • Mar­ket­ing Sherpa researches what works and what doesn’t in all things marketing, using case stud­ies, sur­veys, and other tech­niques.
    • Duct Tape Mar­ket­ing high­lights mar­ket­ing meth­ods for small busi­nesses oper­at­ing on the cheap–everything from pub­lic radio pro­gram spon­sor­ship to help­ing your direct mail piece stand out from the usual junk mail by mak­ing it lumpy or unusu­ally shaped.
    • Trend­Hunter is the world’s largest trend spotting and cool hunting community. It is an explosion of cool trends and ideas, fueled by a global network of trend spotters. By tracking the evolution of cool, Trend Hunters stimulate creativity and generate breakthrough ideas.
    • Seth Godin’s per­sonal blog remains one of the most pop­u­lar on the Inter­net. Here, he riffs on mar­ket­ing, respect, and the ways ideas spread.

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