Saint & Olive


Owner: Olive Loew



Phone: (415) 359-4383


Instagram: @biscottimaven

About Saint and Olive: “Flavor is a way to own your heritage,” says Olive Loew, and she sure owns it all right! New La Cocina participant and founder of Saint & Olive makes sweet and savory biscotti based on her great aunts prized family recipe. Her wide repertoire includes classics such as chocolate dipped almond toffee with sea salt, and explores novel savory varieties like prosciutto parmesan, sweet potato maple bacon, and honey lemon thyme. “I like to think there’s always a taste to a place,” says Olive, whose twists on her grandmother’s recipes incorporate Southern tastes from her own childhood growing up in Alabama, Virginia, and Texas, as well as the inspiration she draws from the bounty and diversity of California. Olive plans to build on her extensive professional background in social work to develop a skills-training and workforce development program at Saint & Olive that employs women rejoining the workforce. “I feel like this is a way to develop and nurture communities, to build a business that is sustainable and contributes to the people and the environment while offering creative and heart-warming foods.” When she’s not devising tasty new recipes, you might find her plucking her banjo with friends or knitting up a storm to keep her warm in San Francisco!

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