Sal De Vida

Owner: Adrianna Lahl 



Facebook: Sal De Vida

Twitter: @SaldeVidaG

Where to Find Us:  La Cocina’s Kiosk in the Ferry Building

About Sal De Vida: Sal de Vida Gourmet was created from Adriana’s passion for cooking and creating innovative seasonings to help improve flavors with natural and healthy ingredients. She considers her company a Purveyor of flavor- Sal de Vida Gourmet infuses the purity and simplicity of salt with a multitude of natural seasonings and flavors to create infusions and mixes that transform any meal into a unique epicurean experience. Their gourmet products are used in the cooking and seasoning process to transform the ordinary meal into a gourmet experience, just by adding a pinch of salt. Sal de Vida Gourmet also features a specialty line of delicious and easy to prepare instant side dishes and other gourmet products.

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