The Food Truck Revolution Revs Up, With a Little Help

New York Times logo October 1, 2011 — Like many San Franciscans over the past few years, Matt Cohen had a foodie dream: to run a food truck, serving the ramen noodle dishes he learned to prepare in Japan. So in mid-2008, he quit his job as a hotel manager and started hosting pop-up dinners in coffee shops. But Mr. Cohen ran into a wall when it came to obtaining permits to operate his business. Even in this capital of foodie culture, city bureaucracy was ill-prepared to deal with the “food truck revolution” sweeping the country. […] In early 2010, Mr. Cohen spoke with Caleb Zigas, director of the food business incubator La Cocina, and found out one of La Cocina’s mobile food start-ups was selling at Fort Mason, a former Army post in the north of San Francisco. Because it was federal land, it was “off the grid,” not subject to San Francisco’s complex permit rules. Read more.

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