Past Workshops

Packaging Workshop: Putting it All Together: 

Have a great product but not sure how to make it stand out on the shelves? 

You won’t want to miss William-Sonoma packaging manager and  Macchiatto’s founder, Sheila Scott’s and Michelle Regenbogen’s workshop on packaging design fundamentals.  They’ll review basic packaging requirements and guidelines!

UPDATE: Materials from the May. 9th workshop are now available here:

Box Rules

Cylinder Rules

Net Weight Statement

Allowed- Not Allowed

List of Packaging Suppliers


How to Start Selling at a Farmers Market

Spring is around the corner and within the  high season will begin in many farmers’ markets around the city. Farmers’ markets offer small scale farmers and  an opportunity to earn money while providing fresh food and produce to their communities. So, how do you get started and what kinds of rules govern selling at a farmers’ market?

If you weren’t able to attend this workshop. Please click here to access the guideline that we created with all the information to make your process application more easy and clear!

Do you want to know how many farmers markets are in the city?

Click here for a complete list of Farmers Markets, you will find application forms, dates and contact information for each farmers market.


How to Start A Mobile Food Business

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What: It’s all the rage, there’s no denying that. And maybe you have an idea; ramen, elotes or something we’ve never even seen before. Maybe you’re doing it right now and you want to formalize or maybe it’s something that you’ve long dreamt of. Either way, this workshop is for you. Rules and regulations are changing to meet demand in San Francisco, but often not fast enough.

When: February 22nd 6-9pm & September 26th 6-9pm

Who:  La Cocina’s Staff

Where: La Cocina, 2948 Folsom Street, San Francisco CA 94110

How much: This workshop is free for program participants and clients of partner organizations, $15 for commercial users and $25 for the general public.Click here to register.

UPDATE: Materials from the Feb. 22 workshop are now available: Mobile Food Orientation Guide

In 2010, La Cocina hosted the first ever national Street Food Festival Conference as part of our 2010 SF Street Food Festival.


Our goal was to cultivate a lively discussion about the food, politics, and economics of street food all over the country. In the process, we hoped to learn a bit more about what street food could be in San Francisco by drawing inspiration and lessons from other urban areas.


Thanks to this year’s sponsors, Union Bank, Joie de Vivre Hotels, and Pinnacle Communications, the first ever Street Food Conference was a huge success. We couldn’t be happier with the knowledge and enthusiasm that everyone brought to the table, and we are happy to be able to share a lot of the content from this conference with you.


We hope this information is useful, and that you’ll consider joining us at the next conference.

2010 Conference Program

Read about this year’s conference sessions and speakers to get an overview of what we covered.

Open Air Markets, Hawker Stalls and the Art of Making One Great Thing

Global street food is an unintended celebration of entrepreneurial spirit, the nature of giving, and the drive to make one great thing. Across the world, chefs and informal cooks use open-air markets and mobile vending opportunities to bring their culinary creations to the masses. In every place, this means something different, and the ways in which the world sells and eats food can tell you a lot about a place. In this panel, join some of our favorite chefs as they tell you, and show you, the ways food makes it from the chef to the consumer.Panelists:
Charles Phan, Chef, The Slanted Door
Mourad Lahlou, Chef, Aziza
Iliana de la Vega, El Naranjo (Austin) Moderator:
Jessica Battilana, Food Editor, 7×7 Magazine



Truck-Food Nation: The Streets of America

American street food is nothing new, but over the last couple of years there has been an undeniable explosion in the presence, attention, and differentiation in the foods that are made and consumed on the streets of America. Some of this is lamentable, as we’ve seen the past get erased, but there is also immense creativity and opportunity in the ingenuity of these vendors. In this panel, John T. Edge drives us across the country with the insights of some of the leading innovators across the country.Panelists:
Kamala Saxton, Marination Mobile (Seattle)
Doug Quint & Bryan Petroff, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (New York)
Veronica Salazar, Chef, El Huarache Loco
Jon Ward, Kung Fu Tacos Moderator:
John T. Edge



Meet and Eat – The Culture and Face of Street Food

There is an undeniable connection between the people who create street food and those of us who enjoy consuming it.  Perhaps its allure lies in the faces behind the food, and the human connection that results from a street food transaction.  In America, and across the world, the people who take to the streets to make food are defining the locale and its culture.  In this panel, we examine the faces behind the food, how they are perceived, and the ways in which our expectations are often contradicted by our experiences. We discuss the race, culture, and gendered issues of street food and how we as consumers, and all of us as cities, approach these identities.Panelists:
Erin Glenn, Chief Executive Officer, Asociación de Loncheros L.A. Familia Unida de California
Molly O’Neill, Food Writer
Sean Basinski, Director, The Vendor Project and The Vendy Awards Moderator:
Sanjit Sethi, Assistant Professor, California College of the Arts



A Cart on Every Corner? Urban Public Space, City Policy and the Informal/Formal Business Model

Our cities are emblems and innovators. Across the country, cities are trying to deal with the history, present, and future of street food. In doing so, there have been successes and failures. This panel brings those experiences together to create an understanding of the best practices and realistic outcomes for an urban public planner to create a healthy infrastructure to support a successful street food venue.Panelists:
Alma C. Flores, Economic Development Planner, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Portland, Oregon
Marianne Moroney, Executive Director, Toronto Street Food Vendors Association
Warren Hansen, Madison, Wisconsin
Greg Smith, Atlanta Street Food Coalition
Shelly Garza, Rising Sun Entrepreneurs Moderator:
Margaret Crawford, Professor, UC Berkeley



Mobile Vendor Economic Policy

Using the Bay Area as a case study, we will discuss the economic viability of the street food venture and its ability to produce a sustainable individual income. The panel looks at a few existing models, from the illegal food vendor to the ultra-formalized truck.  We explore how specific cities support these individual vendors and how this affects each local economy. The panel examines urban policy that works and doesn’t work while discussing steps that cities can take to encourage and support mobile food business.Panelists:
Larry Bain, Let’s Be Frank
Dan Sider, San Francisco Planning Department
Matt Cohen, SF Cart Project Moderator:
Kate Sofis, SFMade