Zella’s Soulful Kitchen

Owner: Dionne Knox

Website: zellassoulfulkitchen.com

Email: catering@zellassoulfulkitchen.com

Phone: (510) 532-6652

Facebook: facebook.com/Zellassoulfulkitchen

Twitter: @zellakitchen

Where to Find Us: Whole Foods – Noe Valley

Catering: Yes! Click here to learn more about the catering program of La Cocina.

About Zella’s Soulful Kitchen: It’s said that when you’re born you come into the world knowing exactly what you’re supposed to do with your life. Due to numerous distractions, most of us take detours on our journeys spending quite a lot of time trying to discover our way back to that knowingness. At the young age of 8 years old, Chef Dionne Knox remembers spending most of her time in the kitchen with her grandmother, Zella, cooking meals and baking delicious desserts. Zella was a dynamic chef known for cooking everything from scratch. To ensure the best flavors in her cooking, Zella grew fresh vegetables in her garden, raised chickens for fresh eggs, made her own jam, baked bread every day and churned her own butter.


Zella’s ability to nourish her family extended beyond feeding them. The family regularly came together around the kitchen table to prepare fresh ingredients and share their lives to develop the closeness and intimacy that comes from preparing and sharing a meal together. The idea of “family” was extended to guests entering Zella’s home who were fed and treated with warmth, graciousness and a meal in the tradition of southern hospitality.

Honoring her legacy, Dionne followed in her grandmother’s footsteps and created a catering company named Zella’s Soulful Kitchen in 2005. As a program participant at La Cocina, Dionne grew her business creating menus by sourcing ingredients from local farmers and taking care to hand make the delicious foods she learned to make as a child. Clients enjoyed her healthy take on Southern Food at weddings, dinner parties, business meetings and in the comfort of their own homes.


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